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Visual Updates

Chris and Good Friend from long ago BillHere are Bill and Chris old friends from UNT, We visited Bill in S Carolina and had a very good time. Can’t believe how long it has been.






Good friends at JazzFest

More friends some fromUNT others relatively new.  Wishing a Happy Birthday to another special person.  Getting ready for another day at Denton JazzFest.

I did keep my 4.0 !!!

I kept my 4.0 and now have a BS and am working towards becoming a middle school math teacher. —>  Wish me luck.


Keep Smilin  and remember to care.   jay

First/Last day

Well this is the first day of my last session at Devry.  In 8 weeks I should have a BS degree.  The course I am taking right now is my final project and it may be a bear.  I will hope that the members on my team are all industrious and hardworking and smart and maybe I cal sleep through the course.  ONLY kidding.  I will certainly do my part and probably be willing to do quite a bit more.  I currently have a 4.0 and would like to keep it.

Another day at work

Well another day another dollare, almost literally.  I am spending lunch this day at Foxconn adding another post and contemplating my future.  I currently am debugging and repairing PC Motherboards and really do enjoy it.  I am a temporary and being known as a temp has it down sides but we push onward.  I am hoping to be offered a contract position in a week or 2 which would give me 60% more cash while working 50% less hours now that is a choice I can get into.  I’ll update when I know more.  School is going well I need about a 60 on the final to insure an A in my mangement class.  in a couple weeks begin business law and project management which should play in well witht the job I may be offered, things are looking up. 

On another note my sister just sent me a piece of flute music, I will work it up and perhaps post here. 

Well thats all for now, be happy


Another Post

After weeks or months I finnally entered another post, and yes this one also says nothing.


Two Breweries I reccomend highly,  Fort Bend Brewing, and No Label Brewing.